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Listen now: first mix for Rinse FM

In the first weekend of May it was time for the first Chris Stussy mix on Rinse FM. Click HERE to listen!

“It’s the first in a series of 4 mixes, each dedicated to the seasons in a year. “It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper podcast and decided to dig a little deeper in my collection on this one. I’ve got so many tracks i which I don’t really play out during my shows so it’s great to go in a different direction on this first mix.”

06.05 ‘spring mix’
01.07 ‘summer mix’
09.09 ‘autumn mix’
04.11 ‘winter mix’

1. Language – Tranquility Bass
2. Voodoos & Taboos – Tropical Love
3. Kolter – Feel
4. Eric OS – Close Your Eyes
5. Lee Burton – Love Motion
6. Silverlining – Downtime
7. Yamen & EDA – Improve The Pizza
8. Eric OS – Lost & Found
9. Jansons – Studio Electronic
10. Derek Carr – Planet Jump
11. Josh Baker – Satisfaction
12. Kosmos – Linda & Mich
13. Ron Obvious – I Keep Down