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UP for Talent – Scholarship

Mission statement:

The scholarship aims to nurture upcoming musical talent and is brought to life by Chris Stussy to support creatives to grow a healthy and sustainable career in the music industry.

Next application deadline: TBA

The deadline for the current scholarship has passed. Information on the new scholarship + how and when to apply for this will be provided January 2025.

How can I apply?

Through the form on this page you can apply for the scholarship yearly. Tell us your personal story, share your best music production, tell us your goals and beliefs. Make it count!

How it works:

The ‘UP for talent’ scholarship gets awarded yearly to an electronic music producer that deserves to be seen and recognized. The scholarship has been brought to life by Chris Stussy in his belief that creativity, in any shape and form, doesn’t always get the room to grow. The aim is to create more room for growth to support creatives in their journey to success and fulfilment all around the globe.

What can I expect?

Because every person is unique, the contents of every scholarship can be unique. After reviewing all applications yearly, we will select a creative whom we will offer substantial financial support alongside the expertise and network of industry professionals. Every scholarship starts with an in-depth session to discover your personal path towards your own creative development and goals we set together. When will this year be a personal success? What things did we achieve together?

Together with Chris and his team, a personal strategic plan will be made, tailored to your personal needs and objectives. Throughout the year we offer:

  • 1-1 studio sessions with Chris
  • Guidance, advice and personal support from Chris and his management team
  • Financial support
  • A international network to help achieve your personal goals